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Pride Goeth Before A Fall

On the same day that one friend was talking about pulling all of her kids out of public school because they aren't doing well Perry came home from school with a communicator from his teacher. It was for being an extraordinary good student. Galen gets graded on a 0-5 scale every day (along w/ all of his classmates*) by his teacher and always gets a 5.
In addition several of the boys friends have been grounded** for problems at school.

Given my kids doing exceedingly well at school while all around us there are kids who aren't.... Well see title of the post. And of course I knew it was going to happen but how do you stop yourself from feeling proud of yourself and your kids? And really why should I not be proud? Brian and I have worked really hard at researching healthy parenting techniques and implementing them. We have made sacrifices others haven't been willing too make and I see it paying off big time.

Sure there is always a bit of luck and a touch of, "There but the grace of G-d go I." It takes luck to avoid those things entirely out of ones controll, like drunk drivers and natural disasters.

It also takes work to do the research and find good parenting resources that are in fact based on EVIDENCE, not theory or opinion. And sometimes there isn't much research or evidence and then you have to make some best guesses. The bigger problem is that there are a ton of theories and opinions being touted as safe, okay, good ideas that are not EVIDENCE and many of them have even been prooven to be harmful but they still get put out there.

I digress - anyone who wants to discuss more about what I think are good and bad parenting ideas, resources, etc... feel free to let me know.

Yesterday, at dinner Galen let me know that he hit a classmate yesterday. (Yeah, he still got a 5!) It turns out it was an open handed push because this child has been saying mean things, making Galen cry and looming over him and doing the side step so Galen can't get away. So, we got to have the crying and holding and rocking and the, "I don't like school." in the middle of dinner.

*I really hate this and think it is inappropriate.
** I hate this, too! I think grounding falls under the category of punishment. I think punishment is a bad parenting tool. See many previous posts for why.


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Oct. 31st, 2010 03:55 am (UTC)
Unfortunately for me, Rachel has been doing the sidestep thing to other kids. Also pulling them over, grabbing, etc. So we have some stuff to work out...
Oct. 31st, 2010 03:56 am (UTC)
Also unfortunate for those other kids!
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