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I stopped at the grocery store to buy spaghetti sauce on super sale. Yes, the pasta cabinet is currently overflowing but it was a once a year deal and its amazing how quick we can go through it.
I saw mozzarella and ricotta on sale, too.
Baked Ziti*!!!
The food processor is a time saver, yes? Well I've used mine hard over the 9 years since we were gifted with it. The lid finally blew. And I do mean blew. The plastic cracked so that the locking part that allows it the blade to spin stayed locked in place while everything above that flew off along w/ lots of the cheese inside.
Now normally this would be a fail and not a CRITICAL FAIL. However..... today was cleaning day. Seriously, I am home in a clean house for not less than 60 minutes and now there is cheese all over 3 counters and the floor and who knows where else.

Worse, how am I supposed to make my awesome cranberry salsa for Thanksgiving w/o a food processor. I guess we'll see how OCD I can be. I've done the lemon-garlic dressing by hand at the lake. Of course there its usually all I'm making not the entire meal.

Oh well. Maybe a replacement piece can be mailed in the next few days.

*Plus its kinda linked in my mind with new babies. We first were served this great baked ziti by Brian's friends when visiting after they had adopted their daughter and I was pregnant at the time. It freezes well so I've made it when I'm pregnant and for other new moms. And --- it doesn't help that the recipe on the other side of the page is labor aid.